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KNow Your Neighbor

One of Our Core values at Freedom Church is "Know your Neighbor." This Value came at a time when COVID was at its highest point and our only means of reaching people was through social media. People knew us who lived miles and miles away from us but the person/family who lived across the street had no idea who we were. We became intentional on building relationships with our community and reaching out to those who were at a hands reach. We are heavily involved in our community! We strive to be a beacon of Hope to our community!


Help Us Reach more

We are able to help our community because of partnerships like yours! Every Sunday we collect tithes and offerings and 10% of whatever we receive we give right back to the communities of Bomber Heights, Western Hills and Ridglea hills! It is because of generous donors we are able to continue making an impact in our Community! Help us reach more People

"I saw this map and I said, "Lord you are worthy of every soul. You are worthy of every child, every school, every business, every business owner, every teacher, every mom, dad, all of them! You are worthy of them all!"

-Pastor Chris Benites

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